tim wu

Tim is a powerhouse with a Master’s degree in Physiotherapy from the University of Queensland, wielding expertise in a spectrum of conditions—from lower back pain to neck pain, shoulder issues, and sports injuries. Need someone for orthopedic challenges or total knee and hip replacements? Tim’s your guy. His journey started in Canada, scoring a Bachelor’s in Kinesiology and mastering the art of exercise prescription.

Driven by a passion for powerlifting and sports-related rehab, Tim is your trusty ally for bouncing back from sports and lifting injuries. Athletes, take note – he’s got the inside scoop to elevate you to peak physical performance

Inside the treatment room, Tim’s toolkit includes a dynamic mix of education, manual therapy, and targeted exercises. With a newfound interest and training in the treatment of headaches and migraines, he’s your go-to for tackling those pesky head-pounders. Tim isn’t just a physio; he’s your partner, working with you to uncomplicate the body!

Beyond the clinic walls, Tim is a fitness guru who lives and breathes healthy lifestyles. Whether he’s lifting at the gym, crushing it in badminton, volleyball, hiking, camping or exploring local eateries with friends, Tim’s your go-to wellness advocate. He’s not just a physio; he’s your all-around health advocate.

p: (07) 3172 4332

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