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Workplace/Onsite Physiotherapy to reduce Workplace Injuries

Want to boost employee well-being and productivity effortlessly? Physiophi your go-to Brisbane Physiotherapy Company, brings expert care right to your workplace. Our experienced team operates in Darra and Jindalee, offering onsite and local Workplace Physiotherapy Services. Say goodbye to work-related injuries with our proactive and evidence-based approach. Prioritize your team’s health with Physiophi – where prevention meets productivity!

"Our mission is to enable workers to stay productive and recover safely through early intervention programs, fostering a healthy and resilient workforce."

Why do we need early intervention programs?

In 2020-2021, 87% of serious claims (claims in which the injury or disease resulted in the employee taking 5 or more days off work) were for musculoskeletal disorders i.e., ‘lifting, pushing, pulling or bending’ and sustained strains, sprains, joint and muscular conditions: (

Of the 497,300 people that had a work-related injury or illness

  • The most common cause of injury or illness was ‘Lifting, pushing, pulling or bending’ (24%).
  • 66% had time off as a result of the injury or illness.
  • 31% received workers compensation for the injury or illness.

How can Workplace/Onsite Physiotherapy Services benefit your employees and business?

If you want a productive workforce, then you need a healthy workforce. It is the cornerstone of any successful business. However, in order to maintain the health and productivity of your workplace you need to be proactive about it, which means putting a plan into place to help prevent workplace injuries. The alternative? Well, you could always choose a reactive course of action; however, this is going to result in lost time, higher costs and likely, significant injuries.

Opportunity? Early prevention is key!

The purpose of putting an early intervention system in place is to gain access to treatment at the earliest onset of an injury. This will in turn minimise the number of injuries, reduce claims, lower claim costs, reduce lost time injuries and ultimately improve employee health.

Poorly managed injuries with extended time off don’t just impact the injured employee, it also creates a ripple effect throughout the workplace. Effective treatment keeps your employees on the job, and active and helps improve the health and safety culture within the work environment. I.e., your workers are going to be happier, and you will create a positive cultural change onsite.

It’s more than just treatment…

When a physio works onsite, they not only treat workplace injuries they also work alongside the health and safety team to improve the overall health of the workforce. An onsite physiotherapist has many tools in their tool kit that can be utilised to reduce risk, improve safety, educate the workforce and assist individuals to manage their injuries.

We aim to work with your company and employees to focus on developing a productive, healthy workforce by preventing potential injuries through education, treatment, and training of employees. Through these practices we strive to achieve a reduction in claims and lost time injuries (LTIs) to ultimately improve employee health and wellbeing. Thereby reducing company costs of Workcover premiums, re-recruitment, re-training, and loss of productivity.

All in all, early intervention programs are a great way to reduce the risk and severity of workplace injuries, improve employee functional fitness and create positive cultural changes onsite.

We offer a wide range of services to help you recover from injuries and manage chronic conditions. Our treatments include manual therapy, exercise prescription, pilates, dry needling, and shockwave therapy, among others. We also provide tailored rehabilitation programs to help you get back in control of your workplace injuries.

Our Services include:

·On-site Physiotherapy,

·Physiotherapy treatment at Jindalee or Darra locations

·Functional screenings for workers returning to work

·Ergonomic Assessment

We offer a range of different packages to suit the size and need of your workplace. To find out how Physiophi can assist you with your workplace injury prevention program contact us now!

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